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In October 2008 the Joint Technology Initiative (FCH JU) on Hydrogen & Fuel Cells was officially launched by the European Commission (EC) and European industry. Main focus is to increase the impact of industrial level activities in Europe in this field and accelerate the market introduction of hydrogen and specifically fuel cell technologies to address the major three European policy targets:

(1) energy diversity,

(2) mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG)
effect and

(3) increase the share of renewable

With this project the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) aims to become the first FCH JU funded European Lighthouse Project (LHP) for hydrogen fuel cell cars. Correspondingly, the LHP has been christened “H2moves Scandinavia” being synonymous to “” as acronym for the cluster of European demonstration projects on hydrogen for transport.


The hydrogen stations:

A state-of-the-art hydrogen refuelling station will be erected in Oslo in 2011, offering a customer friendly and safe hydrogen refuelling service.

The objective is to provide hydrogen in an urban environment with probably the densest hydrogen fuelling station network anywhere in Europe.

The user interface design will be intuitive, safe and easy to use, and the plan is to provide fully renewable hydrogen from electrolysis and hydropower.


The fleet:

We will have

- 10 Mercedes F-Cell B-Class and

- 5 TH!NK battery electric vehicles with fuel
cell range extender in daily operation.

The cars are operated by regular customers. They will mostly be driven within the city of Oslo and in the whole SHHP region.

Out of this fleet of customer cars, at least two cars will be employed also on the European hydrogen vehicle demonstration tours visiting about five regions in Europe. For the on-site refuelling of hydrogen during the vehicle demonstration tours H2 Logic will build a transportable hydrogen refuelling trailer for the provision of almost 100% CO2 free hydrogen.


A safety study will accompany the project to identify the certification gaps in Scandinavia to accelerate full commercialization of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations. The project’s performance will be monitored and assessed versus benchmarks.

The project’s results will be disseminated through a set of public reports and events. Communication with the FCH JU Programme Office, interested stakeholders and the public will be pursued.

Project parameters:

Project No: 245101, 1st

Duration: January 2010 - December 2012

Funding: 7.756.037 €




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